Describing herself as a “professional enthusiast,” Ana Montiel is quite a Renaissance woman.
Her many passions and interests keep on piling up as years pass. Some of her influences are
utopian architecture, eastern philosophy, antique botanical illustration, astronomy, quantum
physics, the Bauhaus movement, Maya Deren's experimental films or Jung's Red Book.

With an education in fine arts—Logroño Arts School and a BFA Hons at Universidad de
Barcelona—she kept on learning new traits, enough to set up a design studio in Barcelona;
a wallpaper brand whose first product, “Topo Azul”, was featured in the New York Times; a
solid art direction and illustration career working on commissions for the likes of Anthropologie,
Nina Ricci or Clinique; exhibitions of her work in many countries; writing four art guidebooks,
The Paintbrush Playbook, The Pencil Playbook, The Marker Playbook and The Pen & Ink Playbook;
and having a daily life full of experiments that often become more than that.

Ana spends her time painting, experimenting with sculpture, cooking, designing all kinds of things,
learning permaculture and ethnobotany which she puts into practice in her own garden, and so on.
“There’s always something exciting to learn and try”—she says.

Her art work explores subjects such as symbolism, trance, repetition, transitions/cycles, subconscious perception and altered states among other concepts. It has been exhibited around the world and
auctioned at Christie's.

After spending most of her life in Europe—Logroño, Barcelona and London respectively— she decided to embark on an spiritual and artistic quest moving to Mexico. At the moment she divides her time between Tepoztlán-a UFO-friendly village in the mountains of Mexico-and her expeditions to the rest of the world.